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Tips for Staying Safe on Your Motorcycle

Posted by on May 7, 2013 in Motorcycle Safety | 0 comments

Learning how to ride the motorcycle responsibly is one of the most important rules when it comes to preventing a motorcycle accident. It helps to know how to drive safely; you don’t want to end up being in the newspapers as another victim and be an addition to a statistics. There are many ways you can do to help avoid an injury from a motorcycle  accident, here are just a few of them:

  1. Always think the other motorists can’t see you. Most accidents happen because other drivers can’t see the motorcycle, so it always helps to have a way out whenever you’ll be put in a dangerous situation.
  2. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles and avoid traffic as much as possible. Having enough space can make you more visible to other drivers, and can give you more time to react.
  3. Learn to recognize trouble on the road; check how the other drivers are doing and anticipate the possible outcome. Make sure you know how to handle these situations when you come across them.
  4. Be aware of oncoming turners, as this is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents. Be careful and stay focused when approaching an intersection. Be sure that you are visible to the driver who will turn left (or right).
  5. Know your personal limits. You don’t have you keep up with other people, especially if they are already experienced in driving. Go on your own pace.
  6. Slow down when you are approaching a blind curve, you’ll never know what may be there once you’ve made your turn.
  7. Avoid road rage, as much s possible. Don’t give in to other motorists who have struck a nerve just to get even. Slow down and take a deep breath, otherwise you’ll just end up overspeeding and put yourself in a dangerous situation.
  8. Do not tailgate. If there is a motorist who is tailgating you, either slow down to let them pass or speed up and create distance between you. Because motorcycles stop much quicker than a car, you might get rear-ended if you stop. Also, avoid tailgating other vehicles, oncoming drivers might not see you because you are in their blind spot.
  9. Sun glare can blind you, so beware of driving your motorcycle into sun glare. Use helmets that cancel out sun glare, or options like face shields. If you find yourself being blinded by sun glare, slow down or pull over, shield your eyes and find a way to change direction.
  10. Don’t ride at night, especially of Saturdays and Sunday mornings as much as possible. Motorcycles can be hard to see during the night, and you may also run the risk of driving next to drunken people on weekends. Don’t take your bike when you are going to a party.

Motorcyclists that have been harmed or injured due to an accident caused by someone else should consider pursuing legal action. Lawyers may be able to help victims fight for the rights they deserve in these type of situations.

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